Maple Grove Cemetery Board:

The Town of Argos Cemetery Board was established to manage and maintain the cemetery that is within the municipality.  Cemetery Board members are appointed by the Town Executive Officer.  One member is appointed for a four year term, one for a three year term, one for a two year term and one for a one year term.  Not more than two of the residents appointed may be of the same political party.  You must own a home in the municipality or own a lot in the cemetery to be appointed to this board.  The Cemetery Board awards all contracts and makes all decisions for the cemetery under the control of the municipality. 


Current Board Members           Cemetery Bylaws:

Janet Luce' - President                                                       Cemetery Deed Bylaws.docx

Ruth Milliser - Vice President

Janice Mullaney - Secretary



Currently looking for a new member cannot be a registered Republican.

Submit a letter of intent to the Town of Argos.


All Meetings are held on the

second Tuesdayof every month at

 6:30 p.m. at the EMS building conference room.